Powerful Workforce Management Software for Hospitality

Ento supports a wide range of hospitality businesses, including QSR, restaurants, bars, catering and events.

Casual & last minute staff, sorted

Ento helps your HR team keep up with the pace of your business. Rapid onboarding, automatic shift-fill communications, easy swaps and painless last minute replacements mean you’ll never be short-staffed again

Team engagement

Make sure your head chefs, venue managers & line managers keep their team on the same page with our group discussions, messaging & notifications. Keep your best staff engaged and your customers happy in a HR-friendly, controlled, auditable environment.

Events, temporary staff & contractor pools

Only Ento can support cross-divisional, large-scale event allocations, including temporary or contractor staff management & standard venues - all in the one platform. If you have a unique business with multiple, hard to manage cost centres and business processes, we can configure our platform to meet your operational structure.

Labour cost vs sales visibility

Still don’t have live visibility of your sales vs labour ratios, cross venues, divisions and client functions? We can import data from even the oldest point of sales systems & show your executives metrics and dashboards they could only dream of. Our team of implementation and account managers will work with you to revolutionise how you run and report on your business.

Ento’s workforce management software helps you take control of your business.

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