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Ento is powering the workforce success of innovative, market-leading enterprises, including:

Take control with the Ento Workforce Success platform

Single cloud platform

Consolidate systems. Eliminate messy integrations. Give your staff a seamless, beautiful work experience while unlocking insights that only an all-in-one platform can provide.

Reporting & data

Configurable dashboards, reports and data fields allow you to track the data that’s important to you, while multiple import and export formats let you manage information on your terms.

Access models for the enterprise

Control your data, workflows and staff actions with our unique groupings and granular permission models. Flexible and scaleable - regardless of whether you have one employee or thousands.

Intuitive software your staff will use

Ento works the way software should, with employee experience driving every part of our interface. Native app experiences on all devices drive up adoption and drive down training costs.

Secure, redundant & scalable

Trusted by military, government, financial and healthcare organisations. Automatic backups & DR on the world's leading cloud platform means that even if the worst happens, we’re here.

Flexible, transparent pricing

Billing based on actual employee usage, unlimited manager & admin access and no costly setup, training or support fees. Month-to-month contracts mean we earn your’ business every day.

Unrelenting innovation and fanatic support

We partner with our clients for the long term, with new features & improvements released weekly. Our dedicated team ensure you’re supported via live chat, email & phone when you need us.

Trial or pilot Ento with unrestricted access

We don’t hide behind screenshots or slide decks. Our sales team will gladly share our entire platform with you and guide you through it with a trial, managed pilot or formal selection process.

Ento’s workforce management software helps you take control of your business.

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Happy customers. Even happier workforces.

With Australia's most innovative enterprises driving workforce success with Ento, you'll be in good company.

"I have no hesitation recommending it to any small business owner."

Richard Storie
Manager — IGA New South Wales

"SMS Broadcasting is a highlight in communicating quickly"

Mark Foster
Staff co-ordinator — WorldVision Australia

"We have been able to customise the product precisely to every single one of our requirements"

Matthew Rodgers
Workforce planner — Beaurepaires

"We researched various roster software before deciding on Ento and have been very happy with our decision. Lots of great features as well as easily keeping our staff informed of roster changes makes staff management a whole lot easier."

Jamien Zimmermann
CEO — TravelSIM Australia

"We were able to manage our rostering budgets and hours through the system and make changes easily and effectively. The support from the team was always friendly, efficient and helpful and for the small cost per staff, I can’t recommend it highly enough."

Ella Huisman
Ticketing Coordinator — Fringe Festival

"Ento took the work away from the team leader, and put the onus on the casual staff to update their own availabilities. The staff found the Ento system really easy to use and adapted to the change in process very quickly."

Angelie Churchill
Team leader — University of Newcastle

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The Ento Story

Not so long ago, the idea of workforce management software with the power of enterprise software and the usability of an agile startup was little more than a fantasy.

Managing hours efficiently, while still making your staff feel cared for, was a hassle. Workforce planning and crunching big data was a headache. Deploying software was painful at best, and proving ROI immediately was impossible.

And then along came Ento.

Founded in Australia in 2009, Ento is a web-based workforce management tool that fits into every workplace, regardless of size or industry. At the heart of Ento is a lightweight, user-friendly rostering and attendance tool, which aims to build happier, more productive workplaces.

Since its inception, Ento has quickly become the chosen workforce management solution for over 3,000 Australian workplaces across a number of industries - including retail, hospitality, security, health and more. With the ability to scale to any size, and a score of unique customisation options, Ento helps a wide range of users - from corner stores to nationwide retailers - see the realities and the potential of their workforce laid out clearly and simply.