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Ento is a powerful workforce management platform for shift-based workforces. Designed to handle some of the most complex pay rules, it pairs enterprise-depth functionality with an easy to use interface.

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our values

Radical Transparency

We default to sharing to cultivate clarity and alignment.

Deliberate Collaboration

We make sure the right people are in the room to drive quick considered decisions.

Ambition and Impact

We are obsessed with creating value by solving real problems, no matter how lofty.


We are true to ourselves and respect each other’s differences.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Ento

Our goal is to make sure everyone at Ento feels valued for all aspects of their identify. And that we celebrate and acknowledge the differences among us.

We want to actively pursue a working environment that challenges societal norms that may undermine these goals. Non-discrimination is a human right, reflected in many of the legal obligations employers have, and diversity, equity and inclusion work builds on this. It accounts for day-to-day experiences at work and not just legal compliance.

The business case for diversity is also very clear. Diversity in the composition of our teams can lead to divergent problem solving. With a broader set of perspectives, we’re able to solve deeper and more complex problems quicker and more effectively. This in turn positively impacts our commercial and personal success.

Research shows companies with a more diverse leadership team perform better than competitors. It’s important to highlight that correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation, but the emerging evidence shows that more diverse teams win the battle for top talent, keep employee engagement high, and improve their problem solving capacity – ultimately leading to greater commercial success.

where you'll find us

We’re currently based in Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, Auckland in New Zealand and Toronto in Canada – but we’re expanding fast.

The Team

Aarnav Shawnik

Product Manager

Adam Berry

Head of Customer Success

Alison O’Connor

Account Manager

Aulay Macaulay

Founder & CEO

Brendan Hough

Customer Support Lead

Davin McKay

Customer Support Expert

Dominic Kok

Account Manager

Dylan Couper

People Success Manager

Ella Bourke

Customer Support Lead

Geoff Noy

Technical Solutions Consultant

Girish Bhatta

Data Scientist

Grant McPhee

Enterprise Sales Manager

James McElhinney

Head of Consulting

Jane Pacey

Product Manager

John Court

Head of Architecture

Jon Upton

Back-end Developer

Jonard Soriano

Front-end Developer

Ken Santoso

Lead Serverless Engineer

Kim Wouters

Marketing Manager

Manivadhana Murugu

QA Engineer

Marinus Jansen van Vuuren

Back-end Developer

Melanie Yeoh

Head of Finance and Legal

Nathan Black-Otterspoor

Back-end Developer

Ollie Salisbury

Head of Talent Acquisition

Pascal Moutou

Finance Manager

Peter Vigilante

Account Management Lead

Philip Rochecouste

Technical Solutions Consultant

Reuben Soares

Sales Development Representative

Rumana Rahim

Back-end Developer

Sarah McFadyen

Technical Solutions Consultant

Scott Burcher


Steve Brewster

DevOps Lead

Travis James

Systems and Security Manager

Yohan Setiawan

Back-end Developer

Zoe Tamiakis

Talent Acquisition

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We’re on the lookout for accounting, HR & payroll, point of sale, booking and reporting systems to integrate with. If you want to connect we would love to hear from you!