The company

Ento was founded in Australia in 2009 to help businesses manage rostering, leave, attendance and communication within their workforce.

Since then we’ve become the chosen solution in over 1,500 workplaces across retail, hospitality, health, community, and more; rostering more than 30 million shifts for businesses ranging in size from 10 to 2,000+ staff.

Our software is part of the next generation of workforce management tools; cloud-based, accessible via a smartphone, tablet or desktop, and integrated with leading HR, POS and payroll systems.

With strong foundations in improving workflow, reducing costs, and eliminating manual processes for managers, we continue to work tirelessly on expanding our software with new tools focused on improving the happiness and engagement of employees.

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The team

Staff member Aarnav Shawnik at Ento

Aarnav Shawnik

Technical Solutions Consultant

Staff member Aulay Macaulay at Ento

Aulay Macaulay

Founder & CEO

Staff member Bel Godby at Ento

Bel Godby

Customer Support

Staff member Ben Mohler at Ento

Ben Mohler

Inside Account Executive

Staff member Bill Hunter at Ento

Bill Hunter

Head of Product Delivery

Staff member Brendan Bernard at Ento

Brendan Bernard

Co-founder & CTO

Staff member Chelsea White at Ento

Chelsea White

Account Manager

Staff member Damien Andreasen at Ento

Damien Andreasen


Staff member Daniel Jones at Ento

Daniel Jones

Workforce Success Specialist

Staff member Dean Paquola at Ento

Dean Paquola

Partnerships & Key Accounts

Staff member Devin Watson at Ento

Devin Watson

Front-end Developer

Staff member Giles Kirkham at Ento

Giles Kirkham

Enterprise AE

Staff member Hannah Heath at Ento

Hannah Heath

Head of People & Culture

Staff member Imogen Fanning at Ento

Imogen Fanning

Team Operations Manager

Staff member Jacob Griffiths at Ento

Jacob Griffiths

Technical Solutions Consultant

Staff member James Healey at Ento

James Healey

Lead Back-end Developer

Staff member Jess Forster at Ento

Jess Forster

Technical Solutions Analyst

Staff member Jess Paul at Ento

Jess Paul

Technical Solutions Consultant

Staff member Jon Russell at Ento

Jon Russell

Account Executive

Staff member Jono Fitzgerald at Ento

Jono Fitzgerald

Sales Operations Lead

Staff member Josh Bairstow at Ento

Josh Bairstow

Front End Developer

Staff member Josh Lim at Ento

Josh Lim

Workforce Success Specialist

Staff member Marcus Riggall at Ento

Marcus Riggall

Product Designer

Staff member Michelle Gregory at Ento

Michelle Gregory

Technical Solutions Lead

Staff member Orod Semsarzadeh at Ento

Orod Semsarzadeh

Back-end Developer

Staff member Peter Vigilante at Ento

Peter Vigilante

Technical Solutions Consultant

Staff member Rhys Ellwood at Ento

Rhys Ellwood

Technical Solutions Analyst

Staff member Richard Eaves at Ento

Richard Eaves

Customer Support Lead

Staff member Scott Burcher at Ento

Scott Burcher


Staff member Sean Bullock at Ento

Sean Bullock

Lead Front-end Developer

Staff member Shivaun de Valle at Ento

Shivaun de Valle

Product Design Lead

Staff member Simon Hudson at Ento

Simon Hudson

Back-end Developer

Staff member Simon Shanks at Ento

Simon Shanks

Account Executive

Staff member Subi Deb at Ento

Subi Deb

Quality Assurance lead

Staff member Suraj Sawarkar at Ento

Suraj Sawarkar

Back-End Developer

Staff member Ty Le at Ento

Ty Le

Front-end Developer

Staff member Yohan Setiawan at Ento

Yohan Setiawan

Back-end Developer

A Brief History

Written by Aulay Macaulay - Managing director


Initial idea to build a rostering system as a “little side project” for my web development company. First version launched late March to very little fan fair.

World Vision Australia

“Version 2″ launched which brought simple shift costing, multi-manager accounts and a billing system so we could start charging our 20 customers.

Telstra Retail

Release of our first enterprise ready version. Rebuild of our ‘enterprise ready’ version to make enterprise ready.

Vita Group

Release of our time and attendance features. Development of payroll integration and reporting for enterprise clients. About this time two of us went full time on the project and the business was re-located to Melbourne.


Release of our award-interpretation engine, facial-recognition Time Clock and more to our enterprise clients.

Radio Rentals

Launch of our video and new marketing site. Launch of ‘Unicorn’ which finally brings payroll integration, facial recognition, award interpretation, mobile apps and everything else we have been building to everyone!


Release of our global version, 2-way SMS available in over 35 countries. Planned start of a support office in the United Kingdom and the United States. Series A raised from AirTreeVC.

Video Credits

Director / DOP Nick Rieves @ Tree House Studios

Producer / writer Ben Winford @ Tree House Studios

Starring Andy Rhodes, Peter Bevin, Steven Sammut and Patika Owen-Shore

Visual effects Tey Berg

Sound Markus Salisbury

Hair & makeup Katie Duckworth

Voice over Andy Rhodes and Matt Cowlrick


Special thanks to Brett and the team at Green Acres Golf Club for the beautiful venue.