Spend less time rostering staff

Shifts added in seconds. Complex costing rules calculated in real-time. Staff notified about their shifts instantly. With Ento's workforce management software, you and your staff save time.

Preview screenshot of Ento's Roster Builder running on a Mac

Build rosters quickly and easily

Save time by creating each roster from scratch or a template. Drag-and-drop shifts around and let the system calculate your all-important labour costs and warnings. You can add notes to convey those extra little details.

Fine tune using multiple views

Switch between a number of available views to make sure you have your bases covered and shifts evenly distributed across your staff. Put your roster under the microscope and plan breaks with Day view.

  • Manage costs with daily budgets
  • Fill shifts without making a call
  • Enjoy clash-free staff sharing
  • Get shifts acknowledged - sleep easy
  • Up-to-date weather information
  • Keep sensitive pay rates hidden
  • Get smarter staff suggestions
  • No restrictions on roster length
  • Roster your on-call shifts too
  • Intelligent shift drag-and-dropping
  • Easily roster multiple locations at once
  • Copy, reassign or delete shifts in bulk
  • Ensure opening hours are covered
  • Share staff within broad groups
  • Get the final word on new rosters

Capture precise time and attendance

With staff-managed timesheets, bulk approvals and the ability to sync with over 20 leading payroll providers, dealing with timesheets has never been easier.

Snap Attendance by Ento running on an iPad

Next generation Time Clock

The Time Clock can run on any computer or tablet. It lets your staff clock in or out using a quick photo or PIN. You can also check at a glance to see who's late, who's on break and who should've gone home. Did we mention it works offline?

No headquarters? Try GPS-tagged clock-ins

Are you running a security, catering or other type of business without an HQ? Staff can clock in and out using their smart phone. The staff's GPS location will be attached to each clock in and out so you can validate they were on-site.

  • Traditional staff timesheets
  • Check and approve timesheets quickly
  • Foolproof facial recognition tech
  • Make any tablet or PC a time clock
  • Manage and process call-outs easily
  • Analyse the history of any timesheet
  • Export any timesheet info you need
  • Approve matching timesheets in bulk
  • Smart clock rounding saves you time
  • Control who can adjust timesheets
  • Make sure everyone's clocking in
  • Multiple Time Clocks sync magically

Timesheets to payroll in seconds

Our timesheet compliance heat map means you can track who's letting the team down when it comes to clock in and out time.

Export timesheets with Ento

Fully integrated with Xero

Connect Ento and Xero to streamline your payroll. Staff added in Xero can be imported into your account, then correctly coded timesheets and leave can be pushed to Xero with ease each pay cycle.

Connect to other online systems

We've built similar integrations with other leading online payroll systems to help you move your approved timesheets and leave from Ento in a couple of clicks.

  • Setup simple or complex costing rules
  • Export to 15+ offline payroll systems
  • Leave requests and accruals with ease
  • Audit leave time balances and timesheets
  • Configurable public holidays
  • Super flexible export template builder
  • Support for multiple pay schedules
  • Manage post-pay run changes
  • Historically correct costing
  • Handle commencements and terminations

Empower your staff

With access to their roster and a full set of communication tools, your staff will be happier than ever.

Ento iPhone app preview

Phone, tablet and web apps

Every staff can access the Staff app via their phone, tablet or computer. From here, they can check and acknowledge shifts, request unavailability, participate in discussions, download files you've shared and much more.

Let staff arrange changes

Save time by letting your staff arrange their own shift changes. Requests are pre-checked by the system to ensure compatibility before being sent to you for approval, then back to the staff for confirmation.

  • Initiate leave and unavailability requests
  • Participate in team discussions
  • Turn their phone into a time clock
  • No smart phone? No problem!
  • The month's import info at a glance
  • Shifts sync to their actual calendar
  • Control what different staff see
  • Important files at their fingertips
Ento’s workforce management software helps you take control of your business.

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Stay on top of everyone's time off

Manage leave requests of full- and part-time staff, and stay on top of the ever-changing availability of your casuals.

Screenshot of Ento's Leave and Time Off calendar

Leave requests and accruals with ease

Correctly managing requests, approvals, accruals and deductions of leave hours is tricky business. We've built all the tools you need to handle the full lifecycle of leave - from the initial request via the staff app to the export into payroll.

Keeping track of unavailability is key

Struggling to keep on top of your staff's unavailability? From simple requests like, 'Jane can't work next Friday' to complex requests like ?Barry is at college every Tuesday morning for the next two months', we can help you manage.

  • Everyone away in a single view
  • Set work schedules for extra accuracy
  • Leave covers a public holiday? We can handle it
  • Set how much leave is earned per hour
  • Control who can approve who's leave
  • Stay on top of total leave time liability
  • Audit leave time accruals and deductions
  • Custom leave balances and types

Happy workplaces communicate

Broadcast messages via email and SMS, share important files, and give your staff a voice in the discussion area.

A preview of Ento confirmation SMS on an Android device

Harness SMS and email communication

With the choice of distributing shifts via SMS and/or email, your staff will always have a record of their upcoming shifts and recent changes handy, even when they're offline. More importantly, no more calls!

No more missed shifts

Afraid your 'casual' staff are going to forget about their shifts? Automatically send them shift reminders 24 hours before each shift and sleep easy knowing everyone's going to turn up.

  • Broadcast messages in seconds
  • Get everyone involved with discussions
  • Distribute important files easily
  • We send SMSs from local numbers
  • Check and resend messages anytime

The right tools to manage a workforce

Our facial recognition Time Clock makes clocking in and out quick, simple and (best of all) cost effective.

A screenshot of Ento reporting data

Real-time cost reports and insights

Give management access to a suite of real-time reports that they can make truly informed decisions with. Easily build and share the custom reports most useful to your business.

Set your own reporting hierarchy

Configure up to five levels of management and reporting hierarchy within your account. Once set up, managers will only have access to the level of data you've defined and all reports will become instantly filterable.

  • Load and sync data with simple CSVs
  • Store extra info on almost everything
  • Company-wide compliance at a glance
  • Fine-grained permission control
  • Schedule daily sync file transfers
  • The perfect balance of beauty and power
  • If you need it, we can build it
  • Rollout in days and weeks, not months
  • 99.95% uptime SLA for enterprise

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Nothing to install web-based access

Since the software is web-based, you don't need to worry about installation. Just open your favourite web browser and access the system wherever you are!

Easy to setup and navigate

Don't let our comprehensive feature set scare you, the software is ridiculously easy to set up and use. Having troubles? Send us your roster and we'll build it in the system for you, then follow up with some tailored training.

  • Online or on the phone, we're here
  • Frequent backups and 99.99% uptime
  • Always up', geographically distributed
  • Custom help guides for different users
  • Make the account look like your own
  • Make the account read like your own
  • Pay in your local currency
  • Toll-free numbers around the world
  • Pay for what you use - no contracts
  • Pay for what you use & no contracts