About us

Ento is a small group of passionate developers and entrepreneurs building the next generation of workforce management tools. We’re driven by a simple objective: Happier workplaces.

The Company

Founded in Australia in 2009, Ento is a powerful workforce management solution that allows shift-based workforces to manage rostering, time & attendance, leave, and onboarding from one centralised platform.

In 2015, we took on our first round of VC funding to help us realise our true potential and speed up our growth. At that time, the Ento team was just 6 people strong.

In 2021 we’re a team of 55 (and growing fast!) and we’ve become the chosen solution in over 10,000 workplaces across retail, hospitality, health, community, and more; rostering more than 30 million shifts for businesses ranging in size from 50 to 2,000+ staff.

We’ve recently raised our Series B and we’ve got our eye on big things!

Our People

We’ve got big goals and it’s the people at Ento that make it possible. We take our work, but not ourselves, seriously. We know that great things happen in happy workplaces, which is why we endeavour to make our workplace one that is fun, respectful and friendly.

Everything we do is underpinned by our four core values:


We optimise for sharing information and we aim for open dialogue in all directions. You should always feel comfortable bringing your ideas and feedback to anyone in the business, and welcome them in return!


Few meaty problems are solved in isolation and we aim to bring together the right groups of people to collaborate and move forward quickly.


Considering our customers, the implications and trade-offs for Ento, and understanding the role each of us play in driving the business forward is a skill we value at Ento.


We strive to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable being their authentic self at work and in their interactions with each other and our customers.

The Team

Aarnav Shawnik

Product Manager

Alan Long

Mid-Market Account Executive

Alison O’Connor

Account Manager

Ami Price-Gagnon

Chief Customer Officer

Angus Shirriffs

Technical Solutions Consultant

Ashwin Ram

Mid Market Account Executive

Aulay Macaulay

Founder & CEO

Bar Galon

Head of Product

Dan Rutter

Customer Support Expert

David Tanascovic

Technical Solutions Consulant

Davin McKay

Customer Support Expert

Denzel Viluan

Mid Market Sales Development Representative

Ella Bourke

Customer Support Lead

Geoff Noy

Technical Solutions Consultant

Girish Bhatta

Data Scientist

Hannah Heath

Chief People Officer

Imogen Fanning

People Operations Lead

James McElhinney

Head of Consulting

Jason Brown

Lead DevOps

John Court

Head of Architecture

Jon Upton

Back-end Developer

Jonny McKeon

Partner Manager

Kayta Hackman

Content Marketer

Mallory Martel

Head of Marketing

Marinus Jansen van Vuuren

Back-end Developer

Melanie Yeoh

Head of Finance and Legal

Murtaza Husain

Enterprise Account Executive

Nascent McComber

Enterprise Sales Development Representative

Natalya Pollard

Head of Sales

Nathan Black-Otterspoor

Back-end Developer

Neelam Thakor

Back-end Developer

Ollie Salisbury

Head of Talent Acquisition

Orkan Dere

DevOps Engineer

Pascal Moutou

Finance Manager

Peter Vigilante

Account Management Lead

Philip Rochecouste

Technical Solutions Consultant

Robbie Sita

Mid-Market Account Executive

Robin West

Front-end Developer

Rumana Rahim

Back-end Developer

Scott Burcher

Chief Operating Officer

Stefan Carlton

Back-end Developer

Travis James

Systems and Security Manager

Vikram Prabhu

Technical Solutions Consultant

Yohan Setiawan

Back-end Developer

Zoe Tamiakis

Talent Acquisition

Join our team

We’re on the lookout for accounting, HR & payroll, point of sale, booking and reporting
systems to integrate with. If you want to connect we would love to hear from you!