How does WFM software boost employee engagement?

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What is employee engagement like across your workforce? In a 2019 Gallup State of Global Workplace report, it was reported that within Australia and New Zealand, 14% of employees were engaged, 71% were disengaged and 15% were actively disengaged. 

With new ways of working increasingly common and return to work plans in effect, solid workforce management processes are more important than ever. A good workforce management system is clear, consistent and easily repeatable, allowing you to improve workplace efficiency, transparency and boost employee engagement.  

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We know that employees are seeking meaning from their work, and are increasingly valuing culture over compensation. With that in mind, here are key ways to spark engagement across your workforce management processes.


Create value for your employees

Creating value starts with understanding your employees and their needs. What gets them emotionally and psychologically connected to their work and the business? Employee engagement comes from having a commitment to their job over and above a pay packet. 

This all starts with giving purpose to your processes. With effective workforce management software, you can easily create value by empowering staff with the tools needed to get their jobs done more effectively. This might mean that using a rostering tool or time and attendance software alleviates the pressures of paperwork, creating time for more meaningful work. Remember to offer training, support and flexibility to employees facing a learning curve, and most importantly, ask for feedback on how these processes impact their job and if there’s any room for improvement. 

When rolling out Ento across their workforce, Millennium Services Group partnered up with one of our Technical Solution Consultants and an Account Manager to train employees on the software. Read about it here


Keep communicating

In a recent survey, Qualtrics found that 94% of employees felt that it was important that their company listens to feedback.

One of the most important things you can do to increase employee engagement is to encourage and maintain open lines of communication. This can include setting regular team meetings, open door sessions, or watercooler events to foster positive employee connections. 

The key here is to have clear pathways to engage with management and colleagues, to be able to ask questions, update work progress and connect on a more social level, especially during uncertainty. 


Offer self-service options

With workforce management solutions, you can empower employees through access to self-service features. This gives them greater autonomy and self-sufficiency to update key information themselves, and access business information when they need it. You can put your employee’s in the driver’s seat – giving them access to bid for shifts, check their schedules, leave accruals, update tax forms and more – all without having to contact HR. 

For example, Atlantis Childcare has set Ento up to notify employees of upcoming qualification expiries, giving them the power to update directly in the platform: 

“Onboarding has been a helpful tool as we have our staff responsible for their own certifications. We get alerts on the rosters for expired qualifications and can notify staff ahead of time. We’re now working with Ento to put in roster compliance blockers to automate this further.”


Manage through change

Human beings are emotionally driven, and change can bring up a lot of challenging emotions including fear and frustration. Employees who are included in organisational decisions, changes and direction are more engaged and willing to work with you, than those who are kept out of the loop. 

Keep some of these best practice strategies in mind when navigating change:

  1. Reinforce key messages – focus on the ‘why’ and the benefits behind any changes
  2. Keep your feedback channels open – provide opportunities for feedback from employees 
  3. Consider all stakeholders – remember to include key employees across all levels in the change process
  4. Show what good looks like – showcase best practice!

Consistently communicating a strong organisational ‘why’ or vision to all employees is essential to engaging and creating a shared value for your employees. Backing this up with the resourcing, support and opportunities to engage is sure to set you up for success.

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