How happy is your workforce?

It's no surprise staff happiness is directly connected to how quickly
they are on-boarded, how productive they are and how long they stick around.

Our goal is to make the world happier by building tools to help managers,
like yourself, quantify and improve workforce happiness and engagement.

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It starts with a simple question.

Were you given the opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution today?

Yes No Unsure

Staff are asked a question each time they clock out.

The system works out what question and how frequently
to ask each type of question based on a number of factors.


An staff in Chadstone answered Yes to the question Were you given the opportunity to make a worthwhile contribution today?.

The answers to the questions are anonymised, so the staff feel comfortable answering them.


Ento is pretty cool

Take the pain out of staff , timesheets and payroll

The months answers are collected...

Low Bad Yes Maybe Yes Low No Low Low Yes Good Maybe Good Low Yes Bad Bad Maybe High Unsure Good High Yes Yes No Bad Yes Low Unsure Maybe Low No Low Yes Maybe

Throughout the month the system asks each question to multiple staff.

All the answers are collected and turned into ratings.

... and are analysed...





Ratings for each question are averaged, then using our our patent pending technology,
weighted and averaged again under common question categories.

...then turned into a Workforce Happiness Rating.

May 52
+ 3

These categories are fed through our self-learning weighting algorithm
one last time and turned into a Workforce Happiness Rating.

This rating is a measure of your staff's happiness for the month.

Ento is pretty cool

Take the pain out of staff , timesheets and payroll

The system tells you how to improve happiness...

Ento said:

Your trust and transparency rating is low. Consider building an staff mailing list and keeping them in the loop with changes fortnightly.

Josh Hammond — Workforce planner said: Reply

Hey everyone, we've had great success holding monthly 'ask management anything' discussions. We just tag it on the end of the existing sales target meeting.

Actionable suggestions are tailored based on areas that need improvement.

You can also share tips with managers and workforce planners from other companies within our members-only online forum.

...and how much you're saving!

Fully trained

+ 8
Reduction in training savings $32,543

Staff retention

+ 6
Increased retention savings $106,274

You can compare your ratings to previous months...

Workforce Happiness Rating

Your Workforce Happiness Rating and ratings within each question category are plotted over time.
So you can see how much progress you are making over the year.

As a company manager, you can drill down and compare your divisions and regions too.

...or to industry, country and global averages.

Benchmark your Workforce Happiness Rating


Benchmark your Workforce Happiness Rating against other companies for insight into the relative happiness of your workplace.


The Workforce Happiness Rating is currently in development. Leave your email below to keep up to date with it's progress.

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