Why You Need Onboarding Software in 2022

Why you need onboarding software in 2022 - man using his phone to onboard

What is Onboarding Software? 

Onboarding software takes your new employee through their entire hire journey in one place. It collects important information, such as employment verifications, payroll information, home addresses, benefits and more. It can also ensure new hires complete any compulsory activity before starting the role or going on site, such as a health and safety induction. 

New employees, as well as all others involved in the hiring and onboarding process, should all have access to the software. 


Why You Need It 

There are many reasons why onboarding software should be considered when thinking about an organisation’s success. 

Peter Vigilante, Canadian Country Manager at Ento, says “Employees today expect their onboarding process to be simple and easy, and to do it all from their phone. Asking a new employee to complete paper forms that collect duplicate data is frustrating – everything is electronic these days and so should be the onboarding experience.” 

Other Reasons Include: 

Having onboarding software means every task or action needing to be completed during the onboarding process will be automated.

Tasks can usually be set to trigger at certain times and after specific tasks have been completed. This means nothing is ever forgotten or missed. Plus, you’ll save time and resources by not having to send tasks manually.

With the right software, you should easily establish workflows that new hires walk through in your desired sequence, such as training guides and policies. 


It’s important to keep all employee onboarding documents in one place, where it’s easy to find. Then you’re not having to scramble into paper files looking for something specific. And with the increase of 100% remote working, this becomes even more of a priority. 


Provides a Seamless Experience for New Starters
Onboarding software is likely one of the first things a newly hired employee will interact with after an offer letter is given (if a company has adopted one into its practice).

Having everything in one place that’s easily accessible will create a great first impression. It’ll help to get them up to speed and become productive team members as soon as possible.

Good communication is key here. Some providers, like Ento, offer chat box functionality. This allows you to communicate with the employee directly within the platform. So there’s never any confusion as to the right person to reach out to if they have any questions.

A great experience also helps you to retain staff. If someone’s had a positive initial experience with your company, they’re more likely to stay.


Overall, onboarding software will help increase the productivity of the people involved in the onboarding process, as well as the new hire themselves. Good solutions will eliminate the need for manual tasks, reduce risk of important steps in the process being forgotten, and will help get your new employee set up and working quickly. 

Ento offers onboarding software that’s 100% paperless, fully customisable and includes detailed reporting. Learn more about our onboarding software here. 

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