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Capture precise time and attendance

With staff-managed timesheets, bulk approvals and the ability to sync with over 20 leading payroll providers, dealing with timesheets has never been easier.

Snap Attendance by Ento running on an iPad

Next generation Time Clock

Our Time Clock can run on any computer or tablet. It lets your staff clock in or out using a quick photo or PIN. You can also check at a glance to see who's late, who's on break and who should've gone home. Did we mention it works offline?

No headquarters? Try GPS-tagged clock-ins

Are you running a security, catering or other type of business without an HQ? Staff can clock in and out using their smart phone. The staff's GPS location will be attached to each clock in and out so you can validate they were on-site.

  • Traditional staff timesheets
  • Check and approve timesheets quickly
  • Foolproof facial recognition tech
  • Make any tablet or PC a time clock
  • Manage and process call-outs easily
  • Analyse the history of any timesheet
  • Export any timesheet info you need
  • Approve matching timesheets in bulk
  • Smart clock rounding saves you time
  • Control who can adjust timesheets
  • Make sure everyone's clocking in
  • Multiple Time Clocks sync magically

Ento is powering the workforce success of innovative, market-leading enterprises, including:

Spend less time rostering staff

Shifts added in seconds. Complex costing rules calculated in real-time. Staff notified about their shifts instantly. With Ento's workforce management software, you and your staff save time.

Preview screenshot of Ento's Roster Builder running on a Mac

Build rosters quickly and easily

Save time by creating each roster from scratch or a template. Drag-and-drop shifts around and let the system calculate your all-important labour costs and warnings. You can add notes to convey those extra little details.

Demand-based rostering

Remove the guesswork from your business. Use sales, footfall and other demand data to accurately project your future labour needs. Ento handles seasonality, special dates and events with an algorithm configured for your business.

  • Manage costs with daily budgets
  • Fill shifts without making a call
  • Enjoy clash-free staff sharing
  • Get shifts acknowledged - sleep easy
  • Up-to-date weather information
  • Keep sensitive pay rates hidden
  • Get smarter staff suggestions
  • No restrictions on roster length

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