Attendance and Timesheets Launched!

The team at Ento is happy to announce the launch of our time & attendance module. While we are not quite finished with it, we wanted you to have access to it as early as possible!

With our 100% web-based time clock, we are hoping to change the way workplaces around Australia capture attendance. The clock in / out screen can run on any Internet connected computer or tablet, minimising expense and maximising functionality. Upcoming shifts are pulled directly from your published rosters, and attendance records are sent to a timesheet queue for your approval. Read more about it here.

Since we don’t think it is ready for ‘prime time’ just yet, we are not going to start charging for it until we have completed our checklist (which you can track below). That’s right; you get to start using it for FREE!

So how do you get started?

  1. If you are an existing client or have a trial running, head to your Company Settings page, scroll down, and turn ‘Time and Attendance’ to ‘Yes’. Review the settings using the section at the bottom of this help page.
  2. Log out and in, there should be a new top menu item called T&A.
  3. Read about how to record attendance, and how to manage timesheet records.

If you are not an existing client, signup for a free trial today. If you have run a trial and it has expired, get in touch and we will extend it!

As always, get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions!

The Checklist

  • Attendance screen for staff clock in / out via a PC
  • Attendance screen for staff clock in / out via an iPad
  • Shortcut URL for launch of attendance screen without manager login
  • Staff manageable timesheets via staff area
  • Automatic rounding of attendance records
  • Attendance approval queue for managers, with error highlighting
  • Staff images on profiles, and management by staff and managers
  • Attendance screen for staff clock in / out via Android tablets
  • Text reminder setting for staff who are late to start a shift
  • Remote access setting, so your staff can clock in / out via their smart phone / staff area
  • Ability to send staff approved timesheets for final approval
  • Export raw time sheet data to CSV for Payroll
  • Graphically compare rostered vs. actual time and cost


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