One of the key features of the Ento app for staff is the ability to make leave requests, for manager approval.

While a leave request can span multiple days, each day of the leave is saved as an individual ‘leave shift’ within Ento. This makes processing leave requests than span multiple pay cycles easier.

All approved leave requests are automatically included on future rosters and payroll exports. As mentioned on Leave types & public holidays, it is important to ensure your leave types are correctly configured.

How leave accruals work in Ento

For all hours that fall within the pay cycle:

  • The total hours of approved leave records that have been mapped to a ‘Leave balance’ get deducted from the staff's leave balance.
  • All shift segments that trigger a rule within the award interpreter that have ‘Accrues leave’ turned on will accrue leave, based on the accrual rates defined on the staff's award.

As mentioned on the running Payroll page, leave accruals and deductions are reflected within the leave balance when a pay cycle is marked as processed.

To check how a staff leave balance has been affected by a specific pay cycle, go to the Payroll → Pay cycles page of your account, click the View button on pay cycle in question, followed by the Summary button next to the employee’s name. At the bottom you will find leave balance details.

Managing leave requests

Leave requests should generally be approved and rejected by the day-to-day manager, as covered in the Leave & unavailability guide page.

There is plenty more you can do with Ento account. Find out what on Other tools.

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