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In its simplest form, Ento is software that you and your staff can access over the Internet, via a web browser or one of our specially built apps. Upgrades, storage, security and backups are all handled by our team of engineers. The only thing you need to worry about is building the best possible roster.

From roster to payroll

It’s important to understand how the shifts you add eventually end up at Payroll. The below steps briefly describe how data flows in the most common way companies use Ento:

  1. You start drafting your roster by adding shifts, leave and notes to it.
  2. Once you are happy with the roster, you Publish it. Publishing it sends your staff an SMS and/or email with their shifts.
  3. You launch the Time Clock on a tablet or computer. The Time Clock is populated with the published shifts.
  4. Your staff clock in and out of their shifts by clicking on their tile on the Time Clock.
  5. The timesheets are sent to the Review Timesheets page of your account, for your authorisation.
  6. Once you have authorised all the shifts within a pay cycle, you export to Payroll!

Frequently used terms

Manager Yourself and other co-managers you have given access to build rosters and manage your account.
Staff* The people you are rostering!
Location* A physical location or department of your business.
Role* The primary job or duty your staff has to perform during a shift.
Shift A shift is made up of a start and end time, a break of a certain length and a role.
Timesheet Every shift is turned into a timesheet so you can track what was actually worked.

*In the next step you can rename these words throughout your account but within the support centre they will always be referred to as staff, locations and roles.

Now you know roughly how Ento works, it’s time to review your company settings.

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How Ento works
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