Determine what each of your staff can see, how they clock in, and more.

Settings > Staff Permissions

Multiple permissions profiles

During implementation you will be asked to consider the permission requirements for staff. Like manager permissions, staff permissions are stored centrally as profiles, and each staff is assigned to a profile.

A single staff permission group called ‘Default’ for all staff may suit some businesses. Others may wish to have different permissions based on roles, allow team leads more access, or allow staff to use different clock in methods.

To create additional profiles go to Settings > Staff permissions, and click ‘Create new’.  Profiles can be created from Scratch, or you can base a new profile on a current permission profile. Profiles can only be deleted when there are no staff assigned to that profile.

Segmenting staff using permissions profiles

Staff permissions profiles are also a way of grouping staff. Leave approvals, and leave request notifications are controlled by staff permission profile, so you may want to have more than one staff permission profile, even if all staff are given the same permissions.

To segment staff in this way, create a new profile based on their current profile. Then update their permission profile manually by going to Core HR > People > Staff or via file upload. More on updating Staff profiles here.

Profile settings


The basics – allows you to name and create an ID for the permission profile.

Core HR

Allow staff on different profiles to see Discussions or Files created in Core HR > Communications.


Choose what staff can see or do with their shifts and rosters.

Staff can be shown everything from entire rosters or only their own shifts, and can be required to acknowledge those shifts, allowed to swap/drop/cover shifts, submit unavailability, and more.

Time & attendance

Depending on the capture methods activated in Company Settings, different methods can be turned on or off for staff here.

Staff can be allowed to launch the time clock with their own login credentials, a permission we recommend enabling for team leads or supervisors, but generally not all staff, otherwise a manager will have to launch the time clock.

Finally, select how their recorded times should be rounded, whether up or down, how long by, for any early or late starts and finishes.

Payroll & leave

Choose whether staff can submit leave requests at all, view their forecast, have restricted balances or can see their balances.

Setting a ‘Minimum days notice’ will block staff from submitting any leave requests within the chosen number of days, requiring them to approach their manager directly to request leave at short notice.

Notification Centre

Determine what staff should be notified about, and whether they’re notified via email or SMS. For more information, see the Staff Notification Centre article.


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