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The dashboard is the pulse of your Ento account. Jump straight to the most accessed locations of your account, complete with alerts on items requiring your action. At a glance, see who is rostered on at any point in the day and who hasn’t clocked in or out.

Depending on your level of access, you may only see some of the below functionality.

Account shortcuts & alerts

You will find quick links to the most commonly access locations of Ento in the top left location of the dashboard. A count of alerts within the section will show in red within the buttons, details below:

Button Description 
Work on roster  The ‘Work on roster’ button will take you directly to the last roster you were working on. An alert in this button represents the amount of shifts overdue to acknowledgement by staff, if the roster is published and you are using the shift acknowledgement feature.
Timesheets Click this button to be taken to the review timesheets page. The alert in this button is used to indicate the quantity of timesheets that have been submitted but not yet approved.
Staff Jump straight to your staff list.
Send message  Need to send some or all of your staff a message in a hurry? Click the ‘Send message’ button to start writing.
Leave  The total amount of leave requests for staff within the locations you can manage will be listed in the alert within this button.
Unavailability Like leave, the alert within this button will show the total pending unavailability requests.
Rosters The ‘Rosters’ button will show if your company has at least one manager permission profile that is only able to submit rosters for publish, instead of being able to publish them directly. The total amount of rosters pending publish will show in the alert and the link will take you to the filtered list of rosters.
Payroll Click this button to be taken to the ‘Pay Cycle’ page. The total number of unprocessed pay cycles will show in the alert.


The hours graph plots a blue line for the total rostered hours over the previous and next week. A red line representing ‘actual’ hours for the last week will be shown on top of the blue. ‘Actual’ hours in this case mean the latest published or authorised hours.

Important Dates

A list showing the previous and upcoming 7 days of any important dates. These include birthdays, work anniversaries, staff commencements, public holidays and certification & qualification expiration.

Day snapshot

The day snapshot shows everyone rostered on for the day. Staff on leave are shown in ‘On leave’ section. If someone listed should be clocked in or out and aren’t, their tile will show in red. Use the < or > buttons and calendar icon to change the date the table covers. Or the ‘Location’ drop-down to the left to change the location being shown.

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Overview of the Dashboard
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