Trouble logging in?

How and where do I log in? Forgotten or having difficulty resetting a password? Start here!

First of all, please ensure you’re using the right login page:

Staff members should log in at:

Managers should log in at:

You can login using your email address, mobile number or Employee ID, depending on what your manager has advised.


After entering your username, hit ‘Next’ to enter your password.

Then simply click ‘Log in’.

Issues resetting your password?

If you have not yet been provided with a password, or have forgotten your password, enter your email address, mobile number or Employee ID and click ‘Next’.

When asked for your password, instead click on ‘Forgot your password?‘ above the ‘Log In‘ button.

You will then be taken to the next screen to confirm your username, usually your email address or mobile number. Enter that and then click the ‘Request New Password‘ button to have password reset instructions sent to your email or mobile (depending on your company’s setup).



Please allow 15 minutes to receive your text and/or email.

If using email, you receive a link rather than a temporary password, and clicking it will take you to a page similar to the login page, except asking you to enter a new password twice. This is a new password of your choosing.



If the email is not in your inbox, try checking your junk or spam box. If still not there, contact your manager to confirm the email they have used when setting up your profile.

If you’re using the SMS option, you will receive a text that outlines your mobile number username and temporary password. When trying to login, please use your mobile number as the username in the exact form it appears in the text. Depending on whether it includes spaces (0400 000 000) or not (0400000000) will need to be followed when logging in. Once you enter your temporary password and login, it will ask you to update your password to one of your choosing.

Minimum security requirements for a new password are that it must be 6 or more characters, contain a number, and must not be a password you have used previously.

Once you have reset your password it’s advised to update any saved passwords in your browser. It should generally prompt you and ask if you want to do this when you do change it, so just make sure you accept.

If you find yourself repeatedly needing to reset your password, it may be because your browser still has your old password saved, so updating it there should help you ensure you continue having access to your account.

If you continue having trouble, please contact Ento support via live chat or email.


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Trouble logging in?
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