I can’t remember my password…

Your password can be reset via the ‘Request new password’ link on the login page.

Ensure you’re logging into the correct login page:


One of my staff is not appearing on the Time Clock?

This is generally because the staff does not have a shift on a published roster for the day OR someone has already clocked the shift in and out. Shifts will appear on the Time Clock 6 hours before they begin, and will disappear 6 hours after they end.


What’s the best view to roster in?

We recommend building your roster in ‘role view’, without assigning shifts to staff yet. This lets you put your business needs first.

Once this is done, head over to ‘staff view’ and assign the shifts to your staff. This view will allow you to make sure your shifts are evenly distributed.

Once this is done, head over to ‘role coverage view’ for one final check that all your bases are covered.


What’s the fastest way to roster?

We recommend creating new rosters ‘Based on previous’ rather than ‘From scratch’, then making needed adjustments from there. If your rosters are made up of a large amount of regular shifts, but a small amount of very fluid shifts, you can create a template roster of the fixed shifts (for a date range in the future) and copy from that each time.

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