What do my staff see when they login?

Staff see a completely different area when they login, accessible via a smart phone app or web browser. The best way to view this is by adding yourself as a staff member, then following the Staff guide. Staff NEVER see the pay rates of others. What they can see is largely down to their Staff Permission setup.


What does ‘publishing’ a roster mean?

When you publish a roster, you are indicating to the system it is ready to ‘pin on the wall’. Depending on your settings, publishing a roster will send all of your staff an SMS and/or email of their shifts for acknowledgement.

Following the publishing of a roster, and depending on permissions, staff will be able to access, drop, swap and fill-in on shifts. Any changes a manager makes to a published roster will give the option to notify all staff affected.

Find out more here.


Do I have to install anything?

No. Ento is a web based application that you access via the same Internet browser you are reading this from. This also means you can work on your roster anywhere and anytime you have an Internet connection!

Aspects of Ento, such as the staff area and Time Clock, can also be run through iPhone and Android apps.


When does the system first contact new staff?

If you have Ento’s ‘Welcome Message’ turned on, your staff will receive a message with a ‘Set a password’ link at the same time as their first action notification. The first contact your staff will have by the system is usually when you publish your first roster. They can therefore use the link in the welcome email to set a password, and then login to check their shifts as outlined in that notification.

If you turn off the welcome message, you may choose to let your staff know about the system in a customised way before you finish your first roster, using the Core HR > Communication > Send message page of your account.


Do you integrate with (insert payroll system)?

Ento has exports to many of the the most used payroll systems in the market. We integrate with Xero, MYOB, KeyPay, WageEasy, Sage MicrOpay, Preceda, ADP Payroll, SAP and more. We are always integrating with more systems so if we don’t currently offer it, just ask!


Does your system ‘auto-roster’ staff based on their qualifications and the shifts we need to fill?

With a click of our Autofill button, Ento’s roster builder can save your managers time by assigning staff to unassigned shifts across the roster, taking into account their availability, qualifications, labour costs, proficiency, utilisation & common fatigue rules to roster the best person for each shift.


Can the system interpret (insert award here)?

Chances are yes! The Ento award interpretation engine is powerful, providing a lot of flexibility, and is able to handle complex scenarios.

Read more about how it works at the support page.


Does your system support 24/7 rostering and/or multiple rostering templates?

Yes. Shifts can be rostered around the clock and template rosters can be created to make your life easier.


Can I print my roster?

Yes. In staff or role view of the roster builder, click the green Print / export button.

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