There are a number of ways to inform staff about the hours that they are required to work. Some, or all, of these methods can be used, however, it is important that a regular process is established and is understood by everyone who needs to use it:

  • A hand-written, or a printed roster, which is pinned to the wall in an easily accessible place within the work environment.
  • A spread sheet file, or personal note, which is emailed to staff.
  • Telephone calls or text messages to mobile phones.

Transparent methods and processes need to be used so that staff clearly understand:

  • The days and times that they are working;
  • Times and lengths of any breaks that they receive;
  • How they can apply for leave or log extra hours that they have worked;
  • Procedures which are to be followed in the case of accidents or sickness which happen at work, or prevent an employee from attending work;
  • And lastly a method that is in place for employees to express any grievance that they have.


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Relaying Roster Information
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