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Facts and benefits linked to good rostering:

The true effectiveness of a company’s rostering system is quickly reflected in the company’s success and profitability rates. There are several reasons for this:

  • Efficientrostering ensures that the right combinations of staff and supervisors, with all of the required skills and abilities, are working at any one time. This means that the highest standards of service can be maintained.
  • A strictrostering system will also closely monitor, control, and cost, the hours which are being worked. This is particularly important at times when high penalty rates are being paid. Penalty rates can occur when staff work overtime, or at weekends. Wages represent a large proportion of the cost of running any business; therefor it is desirable to be able to check facts and figures at a glance, and avoid incidents of overstaffing.
  • Many industries experience heavy trade both inside and outside of normal business hours (restaurants, gyms, transport companies etc.); therefore they require a large proportion of their staff to work during evenings, weekends or on Public Holidays.
  • Staff also need to be able to plan their personal lives around their working hours, and they quickly become discontented (even to the point of sometimes searching for other employment), when they are not given reliable, advance warning. This can be provided by a pro-active roster system, which in turn, keeps staff happier by always telling them which hours they will be required to work.
  • A well organised roster system is also able to provide ready information about individual staff abilities, availability, and instant contact details for each staff member, in the event of unforeseen circumstances (i.e. sickness or a sudden boost in business).

Therefore it is easy to see why the measure stick for the effectiveness of a company’s roster system, is no less than the smooth running, success and profitability of the company it serves.

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