Verify, edit and authorise timesheets individually or in bulk

Reviewing timesheets

To view timesheet data go to Time and Attendance > Review timesheets, or use the Timesheet shortcut on the dashboard

By default, the review timesheet page shows all shifts pending approval, and is divided into timesheet cards.

Use the filter area on the right to choose which timesheets to display. A range of variables are available including staff, location worked and date range, plus timesheet status. To view timesheets that have already been authorised or processed, just make sure to check the Authorised and/or Processed checkboxes to include those records.

Timesheet cards

Each card lists the employee, shift details and timesheet status, along with two status checks:

  • Verification – indicating whether the timesheet met the facial recognition or GPS attendance checks
  • Shift Times – highlighting if the times match what was rostered or if they differed slightly.

To the far right are the available action buttons:

  • Quick authorise – Quickly authorise the timesheet to the times worked by the staff member
  • Edit – open the timesheet in the editor so you can authorise a different set of times to what was worked
  • Action menu (ellipsis) – A small menu presenting extra options such as zeroing the shift out (essentially removing it), or converting it to leave

Expanding the card will show more details around the shift and how the times on it changed as it was rostered, worked and authorised.

If the hours are different to what was rostered, the times are highlighted in red.

If using the facial recognition option and the camera icon is green, the shifts have passed verification. If the camera icon is red, the facial recognition engine was unable to verify the identify of the staff member clocking in/out, either because captured image does not match the training images saved for the rostered staff, or because there are no training images saved.

Multi-select and authorise

Each timesheet card has a selection tickbox that allows it to be selected along with others, or for the full page to be selected using the checkbox in the header. These timesheets can then all be quick authorised together using the ‘Authorise selected’ button on the top left.

This will authorise all timesheets at their recorded times.

Exporting timesheet data

Filtered timesheet records can be exported into CSV format using one or more of the Custom Shift Export templates by clicking the ‘Export’ button on the top left (the icon with the downward arrow). Edit or create additional export templates in Settings > Export templates.

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Editing and authorising timesheets

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