Launching the Time Clock in a web browser, iPad or Android tablet?  Here’s all you need to know.

There are three ways to launch the Time Clock

  • From the Manager Area – While logged into Ento, go to Time & Attendance > Launch Time Clock
  • Via URL – Launch the Time Clock directly in a browser by typing the URL into a browser address bar, then bookmark it for later use!
  • Using the Ento Time Clock app on an iPad or Android tablet

Launching for specific locations

If you have access to multiple locations in Ento, upon logging into the time clock you’ll be able to select which locations to include:

  • Choose to ‘Deselect all’
  • Select only the locations you want enabled for the Time Clock
  • Click ‘Launch’


The Time Clock display

Once launched, tiles for all staff with shifts rostered in that location or locations for that day will display.



​The Time Clock page runs on its own session, and has no connection to the manager area. Staff cannot access your manager account from this page.

​Once you’re logged in, the Time Clock will show tiles for all staff rostered for that day.  Shifts appear 6 hours prior to the rostered start time, and tiles will remain available to be clocked in to for up to 6 hours past the rostered shift end time.

Want to see how to launch the Time Clock in real time? Take a look at the training video below.

Where to now?

Clocking in and out using the Time Clock


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