As explained on the Docs → Time and attendance → Capture methods support page, the Time Clock is an excellent way to capture clock in and out data from your staff.

To launch the Time Clock, go to the Time & attendance → Launch Time Clock link within your account.

If you are a manager of multiple locations, you will be taken to a screen where you can select which ones you want to show shifts from.

Once that is complete, launch the screen. Launching the Time Clock will log you out of your manager area. You can log back in in another tab if you like but be sure to log back out of your manager account before leaving the computer for your staff to clock in to.

The Time Clock can be launched directly from Ento.  Go to Time & Attendance > Launch Time Clock. This will take you to a URL in your browser that you can bookmark for future use. The browser window can be opened without login for up to three days since the last time someone clocked in or out, even if your computer has been shutdown. This is so staff can open the page to clock in, even when you’re not there to launch it. After three days session will closed and you will need to login again to launch it.

For help on terminating a Time Clock session remotely, go to the Docs → System logs → Attendance sessions page of the support centre.

Note: If it is the first time you have launched the Time Clock and no shifts are showing it might mean you don’t have a published roster for the locations selected.

For instructions on publishing a roster, go to the Docs → Rostering → Work on roster support page.

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