Logging out a Time Clock session

Need to relaunch a time clock session with additional locations, have new managers training or moving store locations? Here’s how.

Time and attendance > Time Clock sessions

Manager permissions

Company wide manager are able to end Time Clock sessions, once System Logs access is enabled for their manager permissions profile.

To enable System logs,  go to Settings > Manager permissions > select the required profile, and Edit.  On the first tab under Access switch System logs to ON.

Log out of Ento and log back in.

Delete Time Clock session

To end a Time Clock session, go to Time & Attendance > Time Clock sessions and hit the red Delete button next to the required active session.

Time Clock sessions are not easy to end, preventing staff from accidentally logging out a session (or even deliberately terminating a session when late and using the excuse the Time Clock was logged out!).

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Logging out a Time Clock session
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