Converting a shift to leave

When staff leave unwell or a shift should be changed to leave – what to do? Read up on converting shifts to leave here.

Review Timesheets

When reviewing a timesheets you may see a staff note indicating they went home unwell, or you’re aware of staff that did not work for whatever reason. Next to the edit and view options for each shift are the ellipses … to the far right of the screen. Options include zeroing out a shift, which would be usually used for casual staff, and Convert to leave for staff that have leave entitlements.



Converting partial shift to leave

You can choose to convert only part of a shift to leave. For example, if a staff member starts their shift and leaves early due to illness, you can convert the remainder of the shift to Sick/Personal Leave.  You can add a note, convert to multiple types of leave at one time, and leave the status as pending or approved, depending upon your review process.


​​Ento defaults to place leave at the start of the shift, change using the dropdown box to place the leave at the end of the shift if required. Enter the leave length, and as you tab or move to another field, the shift start or end time will adjust in real time.


As the hours are adjusted in real time you will see accrued leave balances for that leave type summarised below.  The summary box will be green if adequate proposed accrued leave is available, and red to warn when insufficient leave is available.



Depending upon how Ento has been configured, you may be prevented from approving leave that would put your staff’s leave balance into negative.​


Splitting to multiple leave types

You can also split a shift into multiple leave types.  This can be useful in a number of instances, particularly if you are prevented from converting a shift to a leave type where insufficient accrued leave is available, and a shift needs to have a portion taken as unpaid leave, or a staff member may want to use annual leave rather than unpaid leave.

You will have the opportunity to add any notes or attachments, and notify the staff member if required.

Save as Pending or Approved.​

The shift breakdown summary shows the current shift hours, proposed new shift hours, proposed leave total, any difference and the proposed new total.


Leave balances working off accrual are summarised below, the green summary boxes indicate accrued leave is available, red is a warning.

NOTE: If you have previously authorised a shift based on recorded/actual hours, you will need to edit the shift, reverting the hours back to those that match the rostered shift, allowing the rostered hours to be converted to leave. Best practice is to authorise and do any converting to leave as part of the same process.

Converting full shift to leave

Works the same for partial conversions, without the additional variables.

Remember to Save.

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Converting a shift to leave
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