Clocking in and out of breaks

Keep track of which staff are on break, and how long a break they take, using the break clocking feature.


Break clocking settings

Turning on break clocking

When Time & attendance is enabled, simply enable break clocking for some or all Staff permission profiles.

Go to Settings > Staff permissions > Edit profile > Time & attendance > Clocking out

  1. Set Clock in & out of breaks to ON
  2. Consider also setting up Break rounding (see Break rounding settings below)
  3. Save
  4. Repeat for each permission profile where staff will be clocking in and out of breaks.

Break rounding settings

In the same way Shift rounding aligns shift clock in and out times more closely with what’s rostered, break rounding can help manage breaks in more workable increments.

To set break rounding, go to Settings > Staff permissions > Edit profile > Time & attendance > Rounding rules > Break rounding rules.

Break rounding can be set to round break times up or down to the nearest 5, 10, 15 or 30 minute increment.

Clocking in and out of breaks with the Time clock

Clocking in and out of breaks works in the same way as clocking in and out of shifts. Staff enter their PIN, or have their photo taken, the verification used at each step in the clocking in and out process, for both shifts and breaks.

  1. Staff start work, and clock into their shift as usual, clicking on the Time clock tile in the Rostered section with their name (and picture if they have a profile picture on file).  Their Time clock tile moves from the top to the centre section of the Time Clock with all the Clocked In tiles.

  3. When the staff goes on break, they click again on their active Time clock tile, and click the orange ‘Go on break’ button at the prompt.

  5. While the employee is on break, their tile remains in the Clocked in section with other active tiles, and the header changes from green to orange.

  7. When they return to work from break, they click on their tile again, then click the orange ‘Resume shift’ button

5. The active tile header displays green again, indicating they are back at work.

Improved visibility for managers

Managers logged into Ento can see on the Dashboard which staff are on break without having to launch the Time clock.

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Clocking in and out of breaks
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