Ways to capture time and attendance information

There are multiple ways you can capture time and attendance information for later comparison against what was rostered. The most popular method is the Time Clock but de-centralised workplaces tend to favour the GPS tagged clock ins or self-managed timesheets via the Staff app.

Time Clock

The Time Clock can run from any computer (or wall mounted tablet) that lets your staff clock in or out using a quick photo or PIN. You can also check at a glance who is late, who is on break and who should have gone home.

With more than 99% accuracy (using the built in facial recognition) and less than two seconds needed to clock in, gone are the days you need to buy awkward fingerprint or swipe card devices to capture your staff's attendance without the worry of buddy clocking!

To configure your Attendance Screen to work off PIN, photo or photo (with facial recognition) , go to the Settings → Company settings page of your account.

To learn about launching the Time Clock, go to the Docs → Time and attendance → Launch Time Clock support page.

GPS tagged clock in and out via the Staff app

Are you running a security, catering or other types of business without ’headquarters’ for your staff to clock in at? Using the Staff app (iPhone and Android), staff can clock in and out using their phone. The staff's GPS location will be attached to each clock so you can double check they were on-site as you review timesheets.

Staff managed timesheets

Let your staff control their timesheet entries after their shifts are complete, from anywhere. Your staff will have access to their timesheet records via their logged in location, and their records will remain editable until you have approved them.

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Ways to capture time and attendance information
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