What is GPS used for?

GPS technology is used in Ento’s Employee area and makes it easy for managers to accurately verify the location of the employee when clocking in and out. If GPS is enabled as an attendance method in Company Settings, staff can clock in or out of a shift via the Employee area and record the GPS location provided by their phone at the same time.


What kinds of devices support GPS?

GPS is supported on tablets and phones (both Android and iOS) with GPS functionality. Location can also be saved from laptop and desktop computers, but the device may provide a location from the connected network or internet provider, and so it may not be as accurate.


Is Ento tracking my employees through GPS?

No, the employee app does not continuously track GPS location, instead it takes a snapshot of the location when the employee clicks on the clock-in or clock-out button.
Ento’s access to these details is also able to be controlled based on the permissions the employee gives the app, eg. ‘Access only when using the app’.


How accurate is the GPS clock-in?

Ento saves the location provided by the device and will be as accurate as possible based on the available GPS/network signal.


Where is my GPS data stored?

Ento runs on Amazon’s AWS platform hosted in at least two locations in the Sydney region (for Australian clients). Ento takes the security of our customer’s data very seriously, performing quarterly penetration testing by a third party. For detailed security and privacy information, please see Ento’s Technical and Security FAQs and Privacy Policy.


Who has access to the GPS information collected?
Managers that have access to reviewing timesheets are able to see the snapshot of where the employee clocked in. Our support team is also able to review this when assistance is required.


Can my location data be deleted?
If a client wishes, they can request for this data to be deleted. For more information on this, please contact our Support team.

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