Where is Ento Hosted?

Ento runs on Amazon’s AWS platform hosted in dual locations in Sydney (for Australian clients).


What are the supported browser types and versions?

Ento is accessed and available on any internet connected computer with a modern browser e.g. Internet Explorer 10+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari. If you require support for an older browser version, please contact us for clarification.


What are Ento’s key application performance metrics (uptime, response times etc)?

Boasting an average historical uptime of over 99.9% with sub-second responses, Ento guarantees that all websites and apps are reachable from the global internet 99.5% of the time.

Detailed application performance data can be found on our live uptime page, located here


Are there any limitations on the number of Ento users or user sessions?

As Ento is a cloud platform that runs on infrastructure designed to automatically scale with usage and demand, there are no maximum limits on user numbers or the number of concurrent user sessions.

Are there any limitations on international access?

There are no international access restrictions – Ento is a global platform and designed for international businesses.


How does Ento manage Application Performance?

Ento regularly runs application performance management tests and monitoring using the New Relic software suite and regularly have development team sessions on the slowest queries.


Is Ento responsive to different device form factors? (PC, tablet and phone)?

The Ento employee area is designed for a high-quality experience on both desktop or mobile device. The employee area is also accessible via Apple iOS and Android devices by downloading the free mobile application from the relevant app store.

The Ento manager area is designed primarily for use on a desktop browser. While most functions are possible and fully performant on a mobile device, some tasks (e.g. large roster-design) naturally lend themselves to a larger screen.


Does Ento have website analytics?

Yes, we use Google Analytics for general website traffic information, New Relic (as above), Pingdom for uptime monitoring, SumoLogic for log aggregation and Sentry for exception capturing.


Does Ento have accessible test/staging environments?

Testing environments can be configured these as part of the implementation processes for sandbox testing.


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