You can customise your shift start and end time rounding, in the Time & Attendance settings.

Go to Settings > Company Settings > Staff Permissions > Edit Profile > Time & attendance.


Rounding can be changed to round up or down to the nearest rostered start or end time using 5, 10, 15 or 30 minute increments in 4 different instances, or you can set to not round at all.

Some companies use shift rounding to more cleanly align timesheets with rosters, or to use rounding to minimise budget variance from staff arriving before they are rostered and starting early or staying back later than rostered without manager approval.

Rounding variables

Clock in or out times can be classified as:

  • Early Start – clocking in before a rostered shift starts
  • Late Start – clocking in after a rostered shift starts
  • Early Finish – clocking out before a rostered shift ends
  • Late Finish – clocking out after a shift ends

Managers will still be able to make changes to reflect what actually happened that day, compared with the roster, reviewing start and end times that even once rounded are different than rostered start and end times.

Varying these settings might look something like this:

  • Clocking in before a shift starts can be set to round up to the nearest half hour
  • Clocking in after a shift starts can be set to have no rounding and use actual time
  • Clocking out 5 mins before a shift ends can be rounded up to the end of the nearest 5 minute interval
  • Clocking out up to 15 mins after a shift ends will get rounded back to the start of the previous quarter hour interval

These settings are managed in the Staff Permissions profiles, so you could create different profiles for Staff and Managers if required.

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Shift Rounding
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