Push Notifications

Keep your workforce notified with push notifications direct to their smart phones

By pushing notifications directly to Android and Apple smart phones, Ento can keep staff up to date on their rosters and requests.

All staff will require a phone that is compatible with our Android and iOS apps and ensure they remain logged into that app. The notifications will then display in their notification bar, lock screen, or if the user is already in the app, the notification will display at the bottom of the screen briefly instead.

By tapping the notification, staff will be taken to the Messages tab in the Ento app so they can check for further information as required.


To configure push notifications

Push notifications can be enabled in the notification centre of Settings > Staff Permissions

For each type of notification, tick the box if you want to receive push notifications, along with whether they should also/instead be sent an email or SMS.

Staff will then need to have the Android or iOS app installed on their smart phone and be logged in to receive these notifications.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ento app need to be running?
Push notifications appear on the user’s device regardless of whether the Ento app is running, or in the background.

What if the staff member is offline or their device is off when a message is sent?
They will receive the notification the next time their device connects to the internet.

What information will be visible on the notification?
A title and a short message that tells the staff member the topic of the message. For example, title: “Shift change”, message: “You have been rostered on a new shift.” The user needs to open the message in the Ento app to see the full message.

If a staff member has multiple devices, will they receive notifications on all their devices?
Yes, granted they have not disabled push notifications on those devices.

If a device is off or out of range how long will push notifications wait in the queue?
Push notifications will remain in a queue to be delivered for approximately 28 days.

Can we track whether the staff has seen or tapped the notification?
Currently the state of delivery or interaction by the staff isn’t able to be tracked via Outgoing Messages, it will only advise whether it was delivered to the queue for sending or was blocked by notification settings.

One of my staff isn’t receiving push notifications

The staff may have accidentally disabled push notifications permissions – it’s best to check their permission settings as below:
iOS: Settings → Notifications → Ento
Android: Settings → Apps & notifications → App info → Ento → App notifications (may differ depending on version of Android)

For any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our Support team.


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Push Notifications
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