Improve the cohesive brand experience for your employees

Within the same Ento company, multiple brand profiles can be set up and assigned to managers and staff so that the design and branding they see in their account and in notifications vary depending on the brand profile assigned to them:

Items that are customizable in a brand profile –

  • Logo
  • Header colour
  • Text colour
  • Email signatures

This branding applies across when viewing Ento via the browser, staff app and timeclock app.

The default logo, colours and email signature information still also lives in Settings > Company Settings > General and will apply to any staff and managers who aren’t specifically given a separate brand on their profile.


Setting up Multi-Brand

Multi-brand settings are visible to all managers with Settings access and can be adjusted under Settings > Brand profiles.

Once on the brand profiles page, you can create, edit or delete personalised profiles as needed.

Once a brand profile is created it is assignable via the staff/manager edit pages in Core HR > People.


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