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Export your shift data when you want it, how you want it

Settings > Export Templates

When you click ‘Export’ on many pages, like Review Timesheets or Shift History, you’re presented with a list of export template options. We’ll load many into the system for you, but if you want to create your own, look no further than Settings > Export Templates.

To get started, click ‘Create new’ (or edit an existing one) and give the template a name and choose the type of template it will be.

Loadings – Allows export of earning rate types and costs for payroll queries.

Shifts – Provides a breakdown of various versions of shifts, whether as rostered, MISSING[%authorised%] or a comparison of different versions.

Staff – Export a list of all active employees in your account and any of the details saved against them.

In this case we’ll choose ‘Shifts’.

Once you’ve selected the type, hit ‘Save’ and you’ll be taken to the field screen, which will offer you different details that you can include on the report depending on the type you selected.


Custom shift export

Shift exports allow you to export various versions of the shift data for comparison purposes. Each version of a field that you’re offered is from a different state of the shift’s lifecycle.

  • Latest State – The current state of the shift.
  • Latest Published – The latest published state of the shift (will ignore deleted and rostered states).
  • Unrounded (Raw) clock in or out – The exact times the shift was recorded as having clocked in and out, without any rounding settings or fixed authorised times from a manager.
  • Rounded Clock in or Out – The rounded times the shift was clocked in or out, not taking any manager changes into consideration.
  • Latest pre-authorised – If you use pre-authorisation from certain managers in your account, this will be the latest version that was pre-authorised.
  • Latest authorised – The latest version of a shift that has been authorised by a manager.
  • Other – fields that aren’t related to the state, but are the current assigned data, such as ‘Staff’ or ‘shift ID’.
  • Custom Data Fields – your account’s custom fields for the associated Staff, Location or Shift.

Add any combination of fields to the report that you would like exported.

Before saving, click ‘Generate a Preview’ and you can see an example of the data you’ve chosen. If you wish to update the order of the columns, drag them around within the preview before finally clicking the ‘Save’ button to preserve all of the above.

You can export using shift templates from Rosters, Rostering > Shift History and Time & Attendance > Review Timesheets.

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