An award is a set of rules the system follows to cost employee shifts accurately and warn you about potential rostering and pay issues. The awards you setup in the system will depend on the industry you work in and on any custom workplace agreements you have with your staff. A detailed guide of how awards work can be found on the System guides → Advanced setup → Building awards support page. Supplementary information can be found below.

Condition types

Shift type
During certain times of the week
On a public holiday
After a certain amount of hours
Ordinary hours overtime
While taking certain types of leave
While working in a certain role, location or group
Difference between rostered and authorised
Based on an extra field setting

Additional alerts

Consecutive days off
Time between shifts
Minimum shift hours
Shift break alert

Award FAQs

What happens when I add a new condition?


What happens when I add a new award?


How do I recalculate a bunch of shifts?


Known limitations


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