Attendance sessions

Below you will find a breakdown of all the fields in the System logs → Time Clock sessions page of your account.

Field NameExampleDescription
ID100The ID of the attendance session. If you are having problems with the attendance session and need to contact support, quote this number.
AreasAdmin, SalesThe areas the attendance screen will be showing.
Started2012-11-20 14:12:05When the attendance session was first initiated by the manager.
Started byMichael CartwrightThe manager that launched the session.
IP address12.232.123.23The last IP address the session connected from. Send to support if you are having issues with the session.
Last active4 minutes agoThe last time the attendance session connected to the server. If the session hasn't been used in 72 hours it will automatically be expired.
ExpireClick on the 'Expire' button to stop the attendance session. This will log the attendance window out next time it checks for updates or an action is performed.

* Mandatory   1 Enterprise Only

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Attendance sessions
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