Work Schedules are used to set a ‘likely ordinary schedule’ per staff member. Whether they’re Monday – Friday, every third day, or a 15 hour day just once a week, work schedules can be used to estimate working hours across the business.

This can be especially useful when someone asks for leave, or expects to be rostered at certain times, as work schedules can remind you of when their ordinary hours take place or how many leave hours should be deducted. Similarly, if someone is on a monthly pay cycle, the days in the week can change each month, and this helps  when calculating estimates and what’s expected of each staff member.

The work schedules themselves can be set up, edited and deleted through Rostering > Work Schedules, and they can be set per staff member on their individual record under Core HR > People > Staff (and it’ll give you the option to create them there too).

For casuals (who probably have zero ‘ordinary hours’), you don’t need to set a work schedule. You can even ignore it for your part-timers and full-timers by leaving them all on the default work schedule, which automatically splits their ‘Weekly ordinary hours’ evenly across  Monday → Friday, which will often be fine.


Selecting a work schedule

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