Unavailability is more informal and would be used mostly by and for your casual staff. From simple requests like, ‘Jane can’t work next Friday’ to more complex situations such as ‘Barry has university every Tuesday morning for the next two months’.

By default, this Rostering → Unavailability page will list all pending requests. This can be extended to all requests using the search filters.

To create a new unavailability request on your staff's behalf, click the Create new button at the top of the page.

Below you will find a breakdown of all the fields within the Rostering → Unavailability area of your account.

Field NameExampleDescription
Staff*Harry HendersonThe staff the unavailability is attached to.
Duration*All dayThe period of time the unavailability requests covers. Availability options are 'A few hours', 'All day' and 'Multiple days'. If the request is for every Monday, don't select 'Multiple days'. Instead, select 'All day' and indicate it repeats in the 'How often' section.
On (all day)2014-12-20The date the unavailability affects.
On (a few hours)2014-12-20The date the unavailability time span falls within.
From (a few hours)09:00The start time of the unavailability on the given day.
Until (a few hours)17:00The end time of the unavailability on the given day.
From (multiple days)2014-12-20The first date the unavailability affects.
Until (multiple days)2014-12-27The last date the unavailability affects.
How oftenOnce offThe frequency in which the unavailability request should reoccur. Available options are: ‘Once off’, ‘Every day’, ‘Every week’, ‘Every fortnight’ and ‘Every month’. If ‘every month’ is selected, the system will base the start date on the day of the week rather than the date. This allows requests for ‘every second Sunday of the month’ instead of ‘the 17th of each month’. This field defaults to 'Once off'.
UntilFurther noticeIf the unavailability is recurring, you have the ability to set the last date the request should affect. If the request will carry on indefinitely, leave the setting as ‘Further notice’.
Staff notesCan't work Monday's because I have Uni.Any notes added by the staff, if the leave originated as a request. This field can't be updated.
Manager notesA notes field only managers can see and edit. You might use this field to store reasons the request had been rejected or modified.
StatusApprovedThe current status of the unavailability request. Depending on your company setting, requests made by staff start as 'Pending approval'. From pending you have the option to approve or reject the request. An approved request can be retracted by a staff or manager at any time. This will stop it showing on future rosters.
Notify staff of changeYesif you want to let the affected staff know about any changes you have made to the request before you save it. We recommend leaving this as ‘Yes’ if you are changing a unavailability request from 'Pending' to 'Approved' or 'Rejected'.

* Mandatory   1 Enterprise Only

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