What do managers call shifts being created on rosters, and what information do staff receive when notified about shifts?

Shift labels are usually start/end time combinations and are stored for use by the system when suggesting shifts on the roster builder. To see all the labels you have given shifts in the history of your account go to Rostering > Shift labels.

Shift labels are effectively the title or name of the shift, and should  just for times and potentially codes for specific variables of the shift.

Shift label settings

How you format your shift labels largely depends on your shift input setting in Settings > Company settings.



If you select ‘Locked’ as your shift label setting, then only what is created here may be used when rostering, which can be useful for large organisations to keep a structure to their labels, but can lack the freedom to adapt quickly to situations that may occur.


Anything goes

The Anything goes format allows absolutely anything to be the shift label, and the first time the shift label is used it is saved later use. While this is more flexible, you will have to define the shifts start and end time separately each time which can be time consuming, and can lack a structure to shift labels.



The most common selection is ‘Standard’. This just allows you to enter your shifts as times, which is often enough.

In the Shift labels page, you can create new labels (especially helpful if you have your setting set to ‘Locked’), edit existing, or delete labels you don’t want anyone to use.

While labels are usually a combination of start and end times, it’s always best to ensure that the label makes logical sense for the hours, break and type that it assigns to a shift. If you find that odd hours are being assigned to a shift when you create it, it’s always a good idea to check it’s shift label settings, and ensure it’s what you would expect.



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