Navigating the rostering page of your account

Manage, access and export the rosters in your account

The Rostering → Rosters page lists all the rosters within your account. If you have come to the page via the dashboard link and it was showing a notification number, the list will have been pre-filtered to show only rosters that are ‘submitted for publish’ and so require an action. This can be expanded to show all rosters using the ‘Search’ button.

To create a new roster, click the ‘Create new’ button at the top of the page.

You can also edit any rosters, though only those which are in ‘draft’ mode can still have locations and date ranges changed.

Super managers are also able to ‘Archive’ rosters. This is just handy if you want to have a smaller list of rosters visible by default, and any managers with access to see the rosters can always see them by clicking ‘Search’ and ticking the ‘Include archived?’ box.

Below you will find a breakdown of all the fields within the Rostering → Roster area of your account.

Field NameExampleDescription
Create fromIf you would like to create the roster 'from scratch' or 'based on a previous %roster%'. If you create it based on a previous %roster% (recommended), all the shifts and notes will be copied to the new date range.
NameSt KildaA name given to your %roster% to easily identify it in drop-down lists within your account.
Start date*2014-02-01The first day the %roster% period covers. The %roster% dates can't overlap other %rosters% with the same areas (more on areas below).
End date*2014-02-08The last day the %roster% period covers. The %roster% dates can't overlap other %rosters% with the same areas (more on areas below).
Areas*St KildaSelect the areas your %roster% covers. If you have different managers for different areas of your business (or you are one of those managers) we suggest selecting a single area.
Budget1200.00The total budget for each area on the %roster%. You can chose to set a single budget that will be evenly distributed across each day of the %roster% period OR set individual budgets for each day.

* Mandatory   1 Enterprise Only

When editing a published roster it important to note you can’t change its start or end dates.

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Navigating the rostering page of your account
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