When working on your draft roster, here’s all you need to know about adding, copying, editing and deleting shifts in the roster builder.

This training video covers how to create, copy, edit and delete shifts on a draft roster.


Adding a shift in Staff view

Start by clicking on the cell which matches the staff and day you want to add a shift for, this will open the shift details box allowing you to update:

  • Type the shift start and end time separated by a hyphen in the large input box. Ento will display a list of matching shift labels. Select the appropriate shift label
  • Select the role for the shift. The list of role options will be limited to the roles that particular staff has been authorised to work in their staff profile
  • If an unpaid break is required, select a break length. By default, shifts longer than 5 hours will include a 30 minute unpaid break. This can be changed as required
  • Check the details entered, click Save, and the shift will appear on the roster

If a staff member is able to work at multiple locations, you will see the shifts for all locations when looking at the roster in Staff view. When looking at the roster in Role view for any location, only the shifts for that location will show.

If you try to roster a staff member when they are rostered at the other location, it won’t suggest that staff’s name, and the find and compare feature will show that staff already has a shift rostered.

Adding a shift in Role view

Adding a shift in role view is similar, however instead of selecting a role from a drop down list, you will select staff. Note that the list of staff options shown will be limited to:

  • Staff that have been enabled to work that role
  • Staff that are not already rostered on a shift covering this timeframe
  • Staff that do not have an existing unavailability for that day/time

When looking at the roster in Role view for a location, only the shifts for that location will show.  If a staff member is able to work at multiple locations, you will see the shifts for all locations when switching to view the roster in Staff view.

Copying a shift

Another way to create a new shift is to ‘copy’ an existing shift. To copy a shift from one day to another:

  • Click on the shift to copy
  • Select Copy shift from the option list
  • Click on the cell the shift is to be copied to
  • The copied shift label and details will show as the first option under top suggestion. Select this option to create the shift copy

Note that the ‘top suggestions’ feature is not just a placeholder for copied shifts, Ento will begin to learn how you roster and provide suggestions accordingly.

Editing a shift

To edit an existing shift:

  • Click on the shift to be edited
  • Select Edit shift from the option list
  • Make any required changes and Save
  • If you select one of the top shift suggestions from the green section at the bottom of the shift details box it will save automatically

Another way to edit a shift is by dragging and dropping it to another part of the roster. To do this:

  • Click and hold the shift in question.
  • Drag it to another cell
  • Let go of the mouse button to complete the edit

Note: If the shift is ‘greyed out’ it is locked and cannot be deleted or edited from the roster builder page. In most cases this will mean that the shift has already been clocked in or out of by a staff member, or authorised within the review timesheets area. Any further changes will need to be made in the review timesheets area.

Deleting a shift

To delete a shift, simply click on the shift in question and select Delete from the option list.

Bulk roster actions, including the ability to bulk-delete shifts, are covered later.

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