An easy way to share information staff or managers need to be aware of for a particular shift, day or roster.

Using roster notes

The notes feature can be used to add additional or supplementary information. Ento will allow you to add notes that apply to:

  • A single shift
  • All shifts affecting a specific staff member or role
  • All shifts on a specific day, or
  • All shifts within the entire roster

To add a note to a single shift:

  • Click on the blank area of a cell to bring up the shift create box
  • Select the Notes tab
  • Enter the note text
  • Select who the note affects
  • Select the option to which the note should be attached
  • Select who should be able to see the note
  • Select it should be included in the roster summary for the affected staff members
  • Click Save


If limited to a particular role, in role view it will display below with the role name on the roster.



A couple of things to remember:

  1. When adding a note to a published roster, staff will not receive another roster summary message with the new note, but they will be able to view this information in their Ento staff area, so if using Notes let staff know to check their Ento Employee app or the Staff area of the website regularly.
  2. If you have chosen to include the note in staff members roster summary, and your account is configured to communicate with staff via sms, we recommend keeping notes short (i.e. fewer than ten words), to avoid excessive SMS costs.

Still not sure? The training video below shows you how to add notes to shifts on a roster.

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