Ensure role coverage with easily scannable rosters

Call out what’s important on a roster by highlighting key roles to enable managers to scan and see those shifts easily.

Be aware that adding colours can pull focus from red and yellow alerts, so we generally recommend only adding role colouring on specific roles that require it.


Configure your role custom data

Before you enable role colouring, configure the category/role colours via the custom data field.

  1. Navigate to Core HR > Account Data > Custom Data Fields
  2. Edit your chosen role field or Create a new one
  3. Make sure it ‘attaches to’ role, and is an ‘Option list’ type.
  4. Assign a colour to each option under ‘Tag on roster’


Enable role colouring

  • Turn on role colour coding through Company Settings > Rostering > Role colour coding
  • Select the role custom data to use

Note: Only role custom data that is an option list can be selected


Set a category on each role

  1. Go to Core HR > Organisation Structure > Roles
  2. Edit each role you need to add a category for and set it on the role page.


View role colouring on your roster


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