Publishing a roster

Once a roster is ready to go, here’s how to publish it and share it with your team.

Creating, editing and building draft roster were covered in previous videos, and in this training video we’ll reviewing publishing a draft roster.

Once you have built out a draft roster that is ready to be shared with staff. Click the “check and publish” button in the top right hand corner of the page.

Before the roster is finalised, Ento performs a high level ‘check’ of your roster, and flags anything that may require attention:

  1. The first section advises if the roster is under or over budget, if you are using the budget functionality.
  2. The second section summarises any ‘alerts’. These can include shift clashes, unavailability clashes, or location hours not covered.
  3. The last section checks for any warnings related to the specific pay or award rules. These can include items such a consecutive days off being rostered, enough time betweens shifts, minimum shift length requirements being met, and rostered breaks for the appropriate shifts being scheduled.

To go back and make adjustments, click on the cross icon on the top left hand corner of the page. If you are happy to proceed click on “publish roster”

Publishing a roster will immediately send each staff member on the roster a summary of their shifts. This will be available to staff within the Ento staff area and, depending on how your account is set up, will also go out email and SMS if these communication options have been enabled.

If you are using Ento’s time and attendance module, a published roster means that your staff can now begin clocking in and out of their shifts.

Finally, remember that a published roster is NOT locked down, and can still be edited, but a roster can only be published once.

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Publishing a roster
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