Roster builder overview

Switch between role and staff views to work on rosters, and keep an eye on the budget.

This video gives an overview of the roster builder and how to use some of the features.



The roster builder page lets you view and edit your roster, and can be broken down to a few different sections:

  • The top left hand corner of the roster calculates the total number of hours rostered, and the total cost of those hours. Adding or deleting shifts will adjust these figures in real time. If you set a budget for a roster, Ento also shows the difference between the budgeted cost and the actual cost (as a percentage)
  • Along the top of the roster, is the day and date bar.  Weather forecast may also be displayed (depending on your settings), useful if sales or foot traffic are affected by the weather and you need to roster accordingly
  • Roster grid for adding and editing shifts
  • The left hand side of the page will change depending on if you are viewing in staff or role view

Staff view

Click on staff view to see allstaff listed and linked to that roster. Only staff who have been allowed to work roles in the locations covered by the roster will be displayed here. If any staff are missing from this list, go into their profile and enable them to work the roles at the locations covered by that roster .

Ento listsstaff in alphabetical order by default. To reorder thestaff list, click on the cog icon at the top right hand corner of the page and select ‘custom sort staff, allowing you to manually reorder the staff list. Click on the far left of the team member’s name tile and drag it to the preferred location.

Role view

Click on Role view to ensure your rostering includes all required levels of management, and to check that all roles at that location are covered. Roles appear down the left hand side of the page for each area or location. If the roster covers multiple locations, roles will be grouped under each location. Reordering roles works the same way as reordering staff.

Roster and Day view

The roster view provides flexibility when viewing a roster across different date ranges, while the day view allows you to drill into the detail, and review each day separately.

View settings

To the far right of the roster builder screen view settings, accessible by clicking on the cog icon.  Additional customisation options here include:

  • Adjusting the visible size of each shift label on the screen (Compact, Cosy or Comfortable)
  • Sorting staff and roles
  • Hiding roles or team members with no shifts

The customisation options will vary depending on whether you’re viewing the staff or role based display.

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