On Call and Call Out shifts

On call and call out shifts allow you to roster staff to be available, without needing to clock in unless they are called to work.

On Call and Call Out shift types

On Call shifts allow you have shifts on rosters that may not necessarily require staff to clock in and out. Staff can be shown as On Call on a roster, and be setup to receive flat rate or allowance.

If they are called to work, staff can clock in and out to have recorded how many times, or for how long, staff worked during the On Call shift.

On Call and Call Out shifts are tagged on rosters to be easily visible.


During the On Call shift hours, staff are able to clock via SMS into to indicate they have started Call Out work.

If staff will be clocking in and out while rostered on On Call shifts, go to Settings > Company settings > Time & attendance > Capture methods > and check the SMS option is enabled.

Creating On Call and Call Out type shifts

In Rostering > Shift labels you can create On Call and Call Out shift types to cover various hours, same as for other shifts.

Labels needs to be clear, to ensure the correct time period is covered when rostering. Staff will only be able to use the SMS ‘Ah in’ and ‘Ah out’ to clock in and out during timeframe of the rostered on call shift.

Adding an On Call shift to a roster

Double click in any roster cell, click in the shift label dropdown box, and start typing the label name to choose one of the On Call shift labels available.


Costing On Call and Call Out shifts

On Call shifts can be set up to pay a flat rate or allowance for being on call.

In addition to an On Call allowance or other flat rate, payment for work performed during that shift can also be calculated.

Staff can clock in and out multiple times each shift. Depending on award configuration settings, they might be paid ordinary rates for time clocked in, or a flat rate per count of clock ins and outs, or a penalty percentage of base rate, depending on your industry award, EBA or company policy.

Award configuration changes may be required to setup paying On Call and Call Out rates and allowances. Ento’s Award Interpreter Fact Sheet & Pricing Guide covers the various award levels and costs for Awards as a Service.


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On Call and Call Out shifts
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