All you need to know about adding, modifying and deleting shifts from your roster

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Adding a shift

Start by double-clicking on the cell which matches the staff and day you want to add a shift for – this will open the shift creation panel on the right:

  1. Type the shift label in the input box – this can be start and end time or a custom one depending on your use.
  2. Select the role or the staff for the shift, depending on which view you’re in. The list of options will be limited to depending on the roles each staff is authorised to work in their profile
  3. If an unpaid break is required, select a break length.
  4. Check the details entered, click Save, and the shift will appear on the roster

If you try to roster a staff when they already have a shift, leave or are unavailable, it won’t suggest that staff's name. You can always use the ‘More staff’ option in the menu to find that staff and see why they’re not initially offered (and to offer it to them anyway, if need be).

Copying and pasting

Simply click the shift you want to copy, then choose the ‘Copy’ icon in the top-right action bar:

Then click an empty cell where you’d like the new shift to go, and click the ‘Paste’ icon which will now appear in that same action bar:

The shift will be inserted into the new area. You can then continue pasting on other days as required.

Editing a shift

One of the easiest ways to edit a shift is simply to drag and drop to another part of the roster.

If you’re just changing the date of the shift, or changing the staff or role in their respective views, then that’s simply done by dragging the shift to the appropriate row/column.

If you can’t drag the shift because the row/column is greyed out, it means the staff can’t work that shift, either due to the role, a clash or another reason disqualifying the the change.

To edit other details:

  1. Double-click the shift you want to change
  2. The shift will open in the panel on the right-hand side
  3. Make any required changes and hit ‘Save’

Note: If the shift tile has a lock and is ‘greyed out’, it cannot be deleted or edited from the roster. In most cases this will mean that the shift has already been clocked in/out by a staff or authorised within the Review Timesheets area. Any further changes will need to be made in the Review Timesheets area. Alternatively, it can mean the shift was created on another roster and so it needs to be edited there.

Deleting a shift

To delete a shift, simply click on the shift in question and select the trashcan icon from the top-left toolbar.

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