Perform your day-to-day manager tasks on the go!

The Manager Go app will allow you to perform those everyday tasks such as replacing a sick staff or making a last minute shift change.

While functionality will continue to grow over time, Manager Go is intended to be an excellent companion app to the main Ento Manager area, staying simple but useful for those changes you need to keep handy at your fingertips.

We’re in the final stages of testing currently, but all users will be able to download it soon via the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.



After logging in, the initial screen is a dashboard similar to a single day column on the roster builder.

Here you can swipe between the current day and the following two days for the selected location, or tap the location name at the top to choose which you’re viewing.


Shift actions

Tapping the shift will immediately provide you with a few available options:

  • Shift info – click the ‘i’ to view information about the shift, such as breaks and costs, if you have permissions to view that data.
  • Quick replace – there’s also an option to quick replace the current staff with the best available alternative if you’re looking to make a last minute replacement. This will happen immediately and won’t require you to confirm – though it will allow you to undo for a brief period if necessary!
  • Edit shift – see basic shift info and make changes to it as required.


Shift Edit

If you choose to ‘Edit’ the shift directly, it will provide you with the basic options you’re able to edit on the roster, with a full list of searchable shift labels, staff members, roles and break details to make more specific changes to the shift.


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