Leave is paid or unpaid time off work that full time and part time staff are entitled to under employment standards.

There are several types of leave with differing legislative entitlements, depending on which industry and state or territory your organisation works in.

By default, this Rostering → Leave page will list all pending requests. This can be extended to all requests using the search filters.

To create a new leave request on your staff's behalf, click the Create new button at the top of the page. Below you will find a breakdown of all the fields within the Rostering → Leave area of your account.

Field NameExampleDescription
Staff*ST10001The staff this leave is attached to. Must match the ID of an existing non-deleted staff.
Type*LT10001The type of leave. Must match the ID of a non-deleted leave type that is turned on for the staff within their award.
Start date*2014-12-06The first date the leave request affects. Enter in YYYY-MM-DD format.
Single dayNoIf the leave request is for a single day, select this option.
Multiple dayYesIf the leave request spans multiple days, select this option.
End date2014-12-09If the leave request spans multiple days, select the last day it affects.
Hours22.8The total hours of leave the request comprises of. The system will calculate and suggest totals for each day of the request based on the staff ordinary hours and work schedule. Then, depending on your manager permission, the hours in each day will be editable.
Staff notesNeed to take leave for a wedding.Any notes added by the staff, if the leave originated as a request. This field can't be updated.
Manager notesFine with me if we can get one of the others to take on some extra hours.A notes field only managers can see and edit.
Leave balanceInformation on how the leave record will affect the leave balance the particular leave type is attached too.
StatusApprovedThe current status of the leave.If the leave is 'Pending' approval, it can be changed to 'Approved' or 'Rejected'.

* Mandatory   1 Enterprise Only

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