The fill-in finder is a great way to fill a shift at late notice, and can be used while working on any published roster.

Fill-in finder is a way for:

  • Last minute staff to be rostered on, or
  • Replacement staff member to be rostered on an existing shift if someone calls in sick

Ento’s fill-in finder will help you:

  • Identify all suitable staff who are available for an unassigned shift
  • Contact them to confirm their availability
  • Receive their response
  • Allocate them to the shift

To start a new fill-in request:

  • In Role view of a published roster create a new shift as normal, but under the staff drop down option, select Use fill in finder
  • Hit Save and the fill-in finder shift box will appear
  • Decide if you’d like to make the final selection once staff submit their availability, or the shift can be assigned to the first staff member to accept it
  • Next choose which staff to communicate the shift availability to, either select certain people by clicking on the empty box next to their name, or click on Select all to offer the shift to all eligible staff.

Note that the list of eligible staff will only include those who have been set up to work the role the shift is for, AND who are not already rostered on somewhere else at the time of the shift.

  • Option exists to personalise the message being sent
  • Finalise settings and click Message and save

Each of the staff selected will be contacted, and you will be notified as they respond. Once a staff member has been assigned to the available shift, the system will contact the others to let them know that the shift has been filled.

If you need to fill multiple shifts, read up here on Shift batches.

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