Export & print rosters

Want to share a draft or published roster? Wondering which options and formats are available?  Check out the article and video to learn more

This video covers exporting and printing options for draft and published rosters.

To export a roster:

  • Go to Dashboard > Rostering > Rosters
  • Click the Export and print button, located in the upper left hand of the page
  • Select the roster to export

Next select the export type:

  • ‘Export shift data’ will provide a CSV template for exporting raw shift data (Ento’s data export and reporting options are covered in a separate video)
  • ‘Print to Excel’ will create an Excel version of the roster, visually suitable for printing. This is the option demonstrated in the above video.

Next select the View for the export, as with the roster builder screen, there is the option to select Role view or Staff view. The video above show the Staff view.

If your account is setup to support customisation of the roster print export, you can select how shift information is displayed. The options can be adjusted at any time, you can vary customisation options to find what best suits your business.

There is also the ability to include or exclude certain information from the export, including:

  • Approved Unavailability
  • Any notes that have been added to the roster
  • The header section, which includes the company logo
  • Total hours worked

Once you are happy with your selections, click Print and Ento will create the document for you to download and print.

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Export & print rosters
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