Using custom data fields as shift notes

Using custom data fields as shift notes on rosters

While you can already add general notes to a roster, there is information that you may want to also include in your communications to your staff about certain shifts, as well as include in custom shift exports.

One popular use is for a free-form shift note field – this is being used to send notes to staff  covering addresses of function locations, door access codes, uniform/dress code, tea break times etc.

The greatest benefit is that these aren’t separated from shifts, and can be entered or copied with the shift.


  1. Go to Core HR > Account data > Custom data fields > + Create new
  2. Name the custom data field – could be Notes/Duties/Tasks/Address – If you have multiple custom data fields on shifts they will display alphabetically when added. Control the order by using numbers as a prefix in the field name – 01 Duties, 02 Address, 03 Notes
  3. Attach to: Shift
  4. Type: Text
  5. Decide if it’s a required field for all shifts, add any instructions for inputting and decide if the note should copy with the shift.
  6. As with other custom data you may have used for tagging shifts, when using as a Shift input, decide if Always shows/Can be removed/Cannot be added/Can be added
  7. When reviewing timesheets, decide if Always shows/Shows if already attached/Cannot be added
  8. Tick to include it on communications to your staff – this controls if it displays in the staff mobile app, emails and SMS messages.
  9. Note: Be aware this may add to the cost of SMS notifications, so if using SMS, consider limiting notes to required info and/or use abbreviations.
  10. Accessibility: Decide if this should be available Company wide, or just for selected Areas/Locations/Departments
  11. Save


Adding field to a shift

If the field is set not to ‘Always display’ or ‘Can be removed’, you’ll need to add the field:

  1. Edit or create shift
  2. Under Custom Data select Address (or your custom data field name) from the dropdown box (remember they will display alphabetically if more than one)
  3. Click the + sign in the circle to add the Address field to the shift (if not set to Always show)
  4. Once the Custom data field appears, add your data – here we type in the address
  5. Save


As ‘Include this custom data on any communication sent to an employee’ is turned on for this custom shift data type, the note will now be included in communications to the staff member, including shift update notifications, fill in requests and roster summaries.

This is how an Address note would display for staff in the app:


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Using custom data fields as shift notes
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