Creating a new roster

Creating a roster from scratch? Or want to create a new roster based on a previous roster? Here’s how.

Rostering > Rosters > Create New

To create a roster

  • Navigate to Rostering > Rosters
  • Click the ‘Create new’ button at the top of the page.

There are two main options for roster creation

  • Create a blank roster from scratch, or
  • Create based on previous, effectively rolling forwards all the shifts from a previous roster.

Important things to be aware of before you start creating rosters

  1. Ento will not allow you to create more than one roster that covers the same location and date. We recommend weekly or fortnightly rosters.
  2. If you are adding multiple locations to a single roster, remember that only Ento managers with permissions that allow them to access to ALL the locations on that roster will be able to view that roster.

Creating a roster from scratch

  • Go to Rostering > Roster
  • Click the ‘Create new’ tab at the top
  • Create from Scratch
  • Enter in the name of your roster (roster names can be edited at any time)
  • Select the start date and end date for the roster period (we recommend weekly or fortnightly rosters)
  • Select the locations for your roster. You can create a separate roster for each location, or have a master roster covering multiple locations
  • Enter a budget for your roster (optional)
  • Click Save

You will be directed to the roster builder page which allows you to starting rostering. For more on the Roster Builder, be sure to check out our ‘Overview of the roster builder’ support article.

Creating a roster from previous

If your rosters don’t change a lot from one period to the next, this feature can save you a lot of time.

  • Go to Rostering > Roster
  • Click ‘Create new’
  • Select the ‘Based on’ tab at the top of the page, and a drop-down box will show the name and date ranges of all of the rosters that you have access to in your account.


  • Select the roster to copy and Ento will pre-fill:
    • The name of the roster based on the name of the previous roster
    • The new date range based on the length and end date of the copied roster
    • The locations covered by the roster
  • Next enter a budget for your roster (optional), and click Save.

You will be directed to the roster builder page where you will see all of the shifts carried over to the new roster.

If your account has Demand Driven Rostering (DDR) configured

In the case that your account has Ento’s Demand Driven Rostering feature configured, you’ll be presented with the option to toggle on Autocreate and/or Autofill to automate the building of your roster.

Autocreate will use the demand driver data to create shifts within the roster based on the headcount need. If you use ‘based on previous’, staff with  ‘consistent work patterns’ set will have their shifts copied across, and the remainder of the shifts will be created based on demand data.

Autofill will use automation based on information such as availability, base rate and star rating to cleverly assign staff to unassigned shifts within the roster.

Autocreate and Autofill can be used together or independent of each other.

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Creating a new roster
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